Welcome to my website : My credentials start with over 15 years of trading. I started out trading options on commodities by telephone and when they came online I was right with them although many times with slow and lost internet connections, I still had to backup my trades on occasion with the tele.

From there, I progressed to forex trading when they first started online at the beginning of 2000 and finally for the last 2 years trading binary options for fun and profit. I mostly trade binary options now, create systems and market them via the internet. Binary options are the "new kid on the block" so to speak. Around for only a couple of years but taking the trading community by storm, especially those of us who were diehard forex traders.

I do spend half of my time on the missionary field in the jungles of Panama but fortunately, due to modern technology, I have a high speed internet connection through the cell phone company and it allows me to be quite mobile also. And by the way, all my trading systems come with personal lifetime unlimited email support. I sincerely invite you to take a look and see what it's all about. Trading binary options can be a vehicle to a great supplemental or full-time income! Believe me, it's been known to change many lives for the better.

Ciao, Trader Ed

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